Rise Against – Blood to Bleed

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This place rings with echoes of
Lives once lived but now are lost
Time spent wondering about tomorrow
I don’t care if we lose it all tonight
Up in flames, burning bright
Warming the air of the world

“I don’t love you anymore” is all I remember you telling me
Never have I felt so cold
But I’ve no more blood to bleed
‘Cause my heart has been draining into the sea

Since I’ve taken your footsteps
Getting me closer to what is left
Of the dreams of what I once claimed to know
Within my bones this resonates
Boiling blood will circulate
Could you tell me again what you did this for?

Still I wait
With a hope inside of me (inside of me)
So still (so still) I wait (I wait)
Until again we meet
Until again we meet

I just think this song is awesome. It has great guitar and drums, along with the amazing raspy voice of the lead singer. Stylistically, I love this song. But as with all music with words sung or spoken, the lyrics are one of the more important parts. I’ve always hated songs where the music is awesome but the lyrics mean nothing. I mean, those songs have their place; maybe they’re supposed to be silly or the songwriter has a deeper meaning behind them. However, songs with no meaning are just useless. It’s like trying to make a movie by just showing random images and video clips of anything and everything. Some people of the more artistic mindset who will give you the benefit of the doubt might mention how it reveals the director’s philosophy of random entropy in the universe. But most people will just see it as crap. If there’s no meaning behind the words you say, you might as well just shut up.

Anyways, this song has some great lyrics to it. It reveals the songwriter’s anxiety of someone he loved but who turned their back on him. I’ve been there; I know what that’s like. At first everything’s emotional for you and you don’t even know what to think. Confusion reigns and a mix of emotions well up within you. Then one of the most deadly emotion sets in: anger and apathy. I suppose apathy is more a lack of emotion, but nevertheless it just represents the opposite side of the spectrum.

Soon it doesn’t matter anymore about why the person doesn’t love you or why they left. Soon you just become bitter. In an attempt to regain your sanity over a huge loss and fill a void from someone you loved that just left, you replace it with bitterness and resentment for that person. You say that you can never love again because everyone you’ve ever loved betrayed your trust and left. Apathy sets in and you become cold and distant.

I’ve been there. I know exactly what the songwriter’s talking about. But they don’t end it there. He says that instead of giving up, he waits with a hope inside of him. I wish that they could have sung the rest of the song just about that; unfortunately the chorus had to roll around again since that’s what choruses tend to do.

But what hope does this person have? He hopes that they’ll meet again. I think that’s a faulty hope. You see, we all have hope, or at least had it at one time. Some of us lose that hope; I’d like to suggest that the reason people lose hope is because their hope is on the wrong foundation. Some rest their hope on their money or their friends, or perhaps their popularity. But all those fade in time. Movie stars get plastic surgery to enhance their appearance on the screen. What’s going to happen to those once they get old and wrinkly? What once gave them hope now makes them look even uglier than if they had remained natural.

I used to be cold and apathetic. I retreated into a shell I had made for myself where no one could hurt me. I had no hope. I had no dreams or aspirations. I felt worthless because I had no one to connect with. But I found a hope; a perfect hope that went beyond people or situations that will one day let me down. I found a God who decided to love His creation and reach down to earth to help us. I found Someone who has never let me down. I’ve now placed all my trust in Him and He hasn’t let me down yet.

I’ll admit that there are some who place hope in God and then they lose it because God “lets them down.” But these people aren’t placing trust in God; they’re placing trust in a human projection of God that suits their own desires. When He doesn’t do what they want Him to and things don’t go their way, they decide that even God has let them down. In reality, He’s screaming even louder to get their attention on Him.

You see, sometimes God whispers and sometimes He screams. I think most of the time He’s screaming and we just refuse to listen to Him. C.S. Lewis, a Christian author, once said, “Pain is God’s megaphone.” It’s so true. How often do we think we can rely on our own strength when things are going well? We don’t need someone to help us; after all, we’re doing things on our own and things are working out, right? But some situations are beyond our control. They can only be handled by the One above us who knows more than we do and can see exactly what’s going on.

It’s the times when we know life is out of control that we must turn to Him. When we’re at the bottom, the only place to look is up. It is at the times when we can’t handle the load when we have to get our Dad to pick it up off our back so we can get back up onto our feet when we’re on our back. He’s the only One that will never let you down, because He’s the only One that has perfect hope and peace. And all you have to do is ask for it. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve just asked God for His eternal strength and peace just to get through the day. It’s true, sometimes He doesn’t always give you exactly what you want, but He always gives you exactly what you need.

And that’s why I choose to place my trust in Him and give my life over to Him. It’s his anyways; all we have to do is give it to the rightful Owner.

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You seriously Rock young man!!!
29y/o Female who loves Rise Against and God too!!!!


Thanks for dropping by, and for the encouraging comment 🙂 And yes, Rise Against is definitely awesome!


Wtf dude? I thought your idea of the song was really on the money until you started preaching about your stupid religion. This song has nothing to do with your imaginary god so why are you going on about it? If I wanted to listen to that crap I’d go to church.