Power to The Ham

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Well today was pretty crazy as well. We had our gift exchange – I gave a king-size Mr. Big bar, a pack of chocolate Clodhoppers, and a pack of Jolly Ranchers to Aaron, and I got the sweetest present ever from Zac. It’s a shirt that says “The Ham” on the front with a picture of a slab of ham. Being our band name, it’s like the greatest thing ever. Everyone seemed to think it was stupid, but I wore it with pride.

(Update: I decided to wash it cause Zac told me it needed to be washed in cold water by itself the first time….and half the picture split off. 🙁 That’s just a shame…I’m going to have to get him to make me another one.)

After the gift exchange, we headed out to Syl Apps Arena and skated for a while, and then played broomball. Basically you have brooms which are like straw brooms only with a shorter handle and the floppy part of the straw cut off. It’s just like a stub, and some aren’t even brooms, they have rubber on the end instead. Anyways, it’s like hockey without skates, and using a big ball instead of a puck. It’s hilariously fun because you go sliding everywhere and can’t stop. I think the score was 3-2 for the other team; I scored one of the 2 goals and also made a couple good saves when I was in net. Valerie showed up but apparently Vince didn’t come. I don’t really blame him considering he’d just be getting constant glares from Steph, but oh well. I’d probably completely ignore Steph and hang out with Vince the whole time just to bug her.

After broomball, we all went out to the main part of the arena building and sat at four big tables put together to have pizza and pop. Once everyone was basically done it was just a matter of getting everything together and heading out, but since I didn’t have much to get together, I was attracted to the candy machines. Everything was 25 cents, and I spent $1.00 on this cool pinball/plink-o gumball machine. You would put in your money and then pull this little knob down near the bottom like a pinball machine, which would shoot the gumball up. It would then go through a plink-o sort of thing like on the Price is Right and there were a bunch of different entry ways at the bottom, one of which said “win.” On the fourth try I got the gumball in there and won this free jawbreaker thing that was like 10 times better than the four gumballs, which I gave away. Apparently if you got the gumball in there you could either get the jawbreaker or win $100, or like a gift certificate for Wal-mart or something. I figured the machine didn’t even offer that considering there was really no place for money to come out; I suspect it was more of a gimmick than anything.

So we left the arena and headed back to the school, from where I got onto the bus and wore my The Ham shirt with pride. As I was waiting at the bus stop two people walked by and the one guy stopped to read my shirt. Then this big grin came on his face and he patted me on the shoulder saying, “That’s good.” Yes, the pride of The Ham lives on. Power to The Ham.

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