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Yay for Jesus! It’s awfully nice of Him to come down here to earth so we can celebrate His birth by buying and giving each other presents, isn’t it? It sure helps out those businesses with only a few million in their pocket to capitalize on yet another holiday that they can make a few more bucks on.

But I suppose that Christmas is what you make of it, right? It’s a time to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us, giving up everything He had up in heaven to come down to earth and be incarnated in a tiny baby. Christmas is a season that encourages generosity and benevolence, where people aren’t as grouchy to each other and share with others. I mean, you don’t get much of that anymore. It’s great that there’s still one day a year (or if you’re lucky, the entire season) where people remember that it’s not all about them. Getting things isn’t what it’s all about; giving things is so much better – and Christmas is one of the few times that people can realize that.

Christmas is a time of relaxation, allowing most people (except those that we depend on, like police and firefighters, etc.) to get time off work and spend time with family. That’s another thing not encouraged in our society – family is downplayed so much in favour of materialism. It’s awesome that there’s a season that not only encourages sharing and giving and all that fun stuff, but also promotes a family lifestyle. We’ve gotten away from that so much.

There are always going to be Scrooges around Christmas. There’s those people that like to ruin the Christmas season by pointing out that Jesus wasn’t born in the winter, or that Christmas was originally a pagan holiday that Christians took and added religious elements to. But you know what? Who cares? Christmas is a time for sharing, so can’t we share our holiday? You’re not allowed to celebrate because some Roman pagans that are long dead used to “own” this day? Lighten up. And for those that point out the real time of Christ’s birth, I have this to say: we really have no clue when He was born. We can’t pick out a specific date that He was born on, so people just picked a date that suited their needs. Hey, at least Jesus’ birth is acknowledged for one day of the year – that’s a major feat considering how much this society hates Him. So lighten up and just celebrate what He did for us, and don’t be so much of a Scrooge about it. I mean hey, even Scrooge shaped up in time for Christmas and realized he was wrong.

Anyways, those were just some random thoughts that came to mind when I thought of Christmas. I’ll tell you a bit about what I got for Christmas. The largest present was definitely the new 30-watt guitar amp. It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it’s still pretty sweet, with some built-in effects in there too. That was pretty cool. Of course, I can’t fully appreciate it until I buy an electric guitar, but I’ll use my bass in there for now. Along with that present, I got the boxers and socks that I get every year for Christmas (courtesy of my mother, who apparently still thinks it’s “cool” to get underwear under the Christmas tree). I found it kind of funny that the boxers I got were like red and green plaid, and I don’t think that was planned either. Anyways, I got some shirts too that are pretty cool. I haven’t tried them on yet, so I don’t know if they fit, but they look pretty nice anyway. I got a couple CDs: Blindside’s “About a Burning Fire” and Thousand Foot Krutch’s “Phenomenon.” I’m not really into TFK anymore, but I figured my parents weren’t going to go buy a CD for me that they couldn’t find in a Christian bookstore. So I asked for it anyway.

I got a few other things; I got some candy from my sister that she got at the Bulk Barn, and a 2005 calendar with cars on it, which I really need. I mean, I look over to my left right now and I still have a 2003 calendar up that I’ve never bothered to take down because I didn’t have a new one to replace it. My sister also gave me two Tom Clancy books – my favourite author – one is his newest one (I forget what it’s called at the moment), and the second one is the Red Rabbit, a very long one. I’m still not done the other book of his that I got a while ago – some time back in the summer. So these books will keep me going until next Christmas I suppose. My sister and I got the Spiderman 2 DVD as well. I think that’s everything; this was just for my family Christmas – I still have the Hughes Christmas and the Porter Christmas to go. It’s been an awesome year, not just from what I got, but from what I gave. I could get into what I gave everyone but I just don’t really feel like explaining everything right now. That was the highlight, though, that my family liked the presents I gave them. There’s nothing better than that.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great Christmas morning, and have a good one! Merry Christmas everyone!

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