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Today didn’t go exactly as planned. Instead of spending some time doing Christmas shopping, I spent most of the day at the police office. And no, I didn’t try to steal my Christmas presents.

Before I went out shopping, I had to stop and get a few things that my mom needed from the grocery store. So I drove over to Zehrs and attempted to park in a parking spot. However, because the Taurus is somewhat of a larger car, this is significantly harder to do. I found a parking spot that had cars on both sides of it, and I turned to get into it. However, I turned too sharply and scraped up the rear left bumper of a parked car beside me. There are now scrapes on the side of my car and the other car. I went into Zehrs with my mind racing at about a zillion miles per hour to figure out what to do. Part of me wanted to just drive away and pretend it never happened. But when I looked at the damage on the car, I knew that it wasn’t exactly going to be easy to explain a mysterious scratch to my parents. So I got the stuff I needed to and went back to my car. When I opened up the car door, an old guy stopped me and said, “I hope you’re not planning to go anywhere.” I said, “Nope, I was just putting my stuff inside,” which I proceeded to do and then got back out of my car to talk to the guy.

This guy was pretty cool, I must say. First off, he stopped me from just driving away, which I half-planned to do. Plus, it wasn’t even his car that I had hit. This guy had waited out in the snow to write down both license plates and stuff to let the people of the cars know what had happened. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but that was pretty nice of him.

So anyway, he told me that I needed to let the other person know what had happened, and to go inside and page them to the front. I said thanks and went inside, not sure what to do. I was hoping he would just leave so I could get out of here and blame the scratches on someone else that had parked next to me. So I went inside for a couple minutes and then came back out. When I got outside, however, I saw that not only was the guy still there, but he was pointing me out to another lady saying, “That’s him.” I knew right then that I couldn’t just drive away. The lady looked pretty mad, as I would obviously expect her to be. She had some kids with her and had just finished loading all her groceries into the back of her car, a blue Suzuki Aerio hatchback. She didn’t really show her anger, which was probably a good thing for me, but just asked for my insurance and driver’s license, etc., which I supplied to her. She then said, “We need to go down to the police station and report it to them, because this is a lot of damage.” I didn’t really think it was that much damage; it was only scraped-off paint, no major scratches or dents. However, I followed her to the police station, where we reported the accident. We both handed in our license and insurance information and then had a seat. That took probably about 45 minutes, including the time it took for the lady at the desk to process the people before us and the people after us. After that, she took all three groups of people outside and took pictures of the damage to their car. I think she estimated my damage at somewhere from $1100 to $1400 because I had some deeper scratches on mine. Ouch.

We walked back inside afterwards and sat there for about another hour, during which time my dad came in from work since I had called him to tell him about it. It seemed like an eternity, and then we finally got our accident reports processed and I had to write out a statement of what happened and a diagram of the accident. When that was finished, we finally got to go home, after about two, maybe two and a half hours there. I hadn’t even eaten lunch yet.

So that’s what happened. I came home and ate a quick lunch and then went over to the mall to grab a card for my Dad’s birthday. I also stopped in at SportCheck to see Melissa since I figured I had told her I would. I didn’t get her any present because by that time I just didn’t feel like driving anymore. I still don’t. I’m going to do the rest of my shopping either tonight when my parents get home or tomorrow. I feel sick just thinking about how much I’m going to have to dish out, since it was entirely my fault as well. I mean, the other lady wasn’t even in her car when it happened. Knowing my parents, I suspect they may pay for part of it, but I’m still going to be dishing out some cash to them for the next little while. I’m just glad that I rarely spend my money, so I’ve got about $1500 in the bank or so. I won’t take that all out at one time to pay for it, but I’ll get my parents to pay the damages and then pay them back in about two or three payments.

Man…what a crappy day.

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