Decisions, Decisions

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I really have nothing to write about today. I exhausted everything yesterday, I suppose. Yesterday was also my deadline for deciding on what course strategy I would go for in college/university. I gave myself three pathways: psychology, accounting, or business leading into entrepreneurship.

So what did I decide? Well, I weighed the pros and cons of each. I put down everything I could think of, and I was honest about it, too. Have you ever stopped and wondered how much bias actually goes into the process? As you’re trying to make a logical, rational decision, your feelings are influencing every part of the process. “I don’t really need to put that one down.” “Nah, that one’s not really important.” The truth is, the factor might be important, but our feelings are leaning toward a certain option, so we subconsciously factor everything in to provide our most desirable result.

So, I tried not to let my feelings influence me at all during this process as best as I possibly could. I put down every pro and con I could think of, and then I weighed each one individually as a mark out of 10, with 10 being the most important. I then added up all the pros and all the cons for each of the three paths, and then divided the pros by the cons to come up with a nice ratio. Luckily, all my pros exceeded my cons. What I did later as well is I came up with the average pro and con score and then made that into a ratio as well. I suppose they still would produce the same result, but it made me feel better just in case it would provide a different response.

The results came out that psychology was the way to go. I had been leaning towards that option for a while now anyway, but I’m convinced that I made a sound decision now instead of just a decision made on a strange notion I had at one time. I’m still utterly lost as to where to go from here, considering the multitude of choices for university and even the different branches of psychology to choose from, but I’ll get to that in due time. For now, I’m trying to convince myself wholeheartedly that all the options were equally good, and if I make a bad decision now, I can still make the best of it later. A bad decision wholeheartedly followed can sometimes achieve better results than a good decision halfheartedly carried out. And of course, there’s the ever-assuring promise that I learned from Hinduism – if you screw up this life, you’ve always got the next one! I mean, just ’cause there isn’t a scrap of evidence to back it up, doesn’t mean it can’t be true, right? It’s like I always say, “Nice try. Better luck next life.” Right…

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