Crazy Party

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Last night’s BCC Christmas party was crazy. Everyone except for I think three people went over to the school and then got in our Baker-mobile van and headed up to Steph’s house. The snow was bad in some spots, so it took us a while to get there, but eventually we did and unloaded all our food. It was amazing. There were chips, brownies, fudge, cookies, pretzels, and so much more – you name it, and we’d likely have had it there. We even had pepperettes, courtesy of Carl’s Meat Shop in Burford, thanks to Zac who works there.

So after a while of eating, we all got bored and said, “Let’s go out and have a snowball fight!” Some people didn’t like that idea since they didn’t bring gloves, but fortunately, where there’s a will, there’s a way; or at least where there’s a giant mound of gloves in Steph’s house, there’s a way. Since the Smith’s have several children (5 at last count anyway), they have lots of gloves. I put on a nice pair of pink mitts with little wierd speckles on them. Very cool. So we went outside and threw snowballs at each other. For the most part it was guys against girls and the guys completely kicked the girls’ collective butts. Some of them just started throwing cheap shots by just running forward until they were like right beside you and then whipping the snowball at your head. That was just pathetic. I made sure to hit them three or four times if they did that.

After that basically finished, some of us started playing with the tire swing outside, getting people to push and spin us around so we all got dizzy. Of course, being moving targets, we were ripe for snowball shots. Oh well, it was fun, and when I wasn’t on it I got some good target practice too.

When that was done, we all went back inside and ate some more. I can’t say what the rest of the people did, but a few of us just sort of hung around near the food table. That’s where we met Karena, Steph’s little sister. She looked and acted exactly like her, down to the speech and hand motions. It was slightly freaky. But she and Katherine (Steph’s other sister) made sure to attack Zac and myself every few seconds and jump on top of us and bite our arms and hair and stuff. We then went upstairs to try and escape them, which failed miserably, but oh well. We got into a bed which already had four other people in it, so it was nice and comfy, with 12 legs tangled into knots in the middle of the bed. Karena kept jumping onto it in order to get at Zac – it was true love I’m sure. That’s how the rest of the night went until it was time to go. Mr. Gillmore came upstairs and everyone just said, “Okay, party’s over.” You know when he comes in, there’s no party anymore. So we all hopped into the van/Mr. Osborn’s car, and drove home.

The drive home was crazy. For part of the ride, the snow was blowing like mad and it was hard to see where you were going. You could just faintly make out the sides of the road out of the side windows to assure yourself that you were still on the road. But after that part was over and the snow cleared up a bit, Jael went to work burning people’s retinas with her camera flashes, and Aaron and Holly went to singing a good ol’ rendition of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. They went all the way down from 99 to 0, and then started going to -10 until I started punching them to shut them up. It was the most annoying thing I have ever lived through, other than my sister and her constant annoyingness for 16 years of my life. It was a pretty bad ride home. They started singing a song about coconuts, but Aaron’s chest started to hurt so they stopped. Something about the constant blows from my fist may have had something to do with it.

All in all, it was a pretty crazy party. Today there’s more in store. We go to school and, after cleaning out our lockers and stuff, we have a gift exchange. It’s supposed to be a present around $5, and we drew names a couple weeks ago. We’re not supposed to tell anyone who we have, but it’s like a black market with the girls asking everyone and trying to figure out who everyone has. After that we go and skate at Syl Apps arena for a while, and then play broomball. I’d explain what that’s like but I don’t have the time right now – I have to leave in a few minutes. After broomball, we have a pizza party and then go home for the Christmas holidays!

The twist here of course is that Vince and Val are going to be coming to broomball. They used to go to BCC, and Vince and Steph used to be going out. Now they pretty much can’t stand each other. Steph’s already made it clear, while on the verge of begging, that I’m supposed to hang out with her and not Vince. Meh. I’ll hang out with whoever hangs out with me.

Yes, today should be an interesting day. Ahh, politics. Gotta love it.

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