Crazy Christmas Shopping

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Well, I’ve got a long day of Christmas shopping ahead of me. Ugh, I hate this time of year as much as I love it.

Now don’t get me wrong; I love Christmas. I just hate Christmas shopping. And it’s not the fact that I have to spend money or that I don’t like getting people presents. I like that. It’s the one time of the year that I actually enjoy spending money without having a guilty conscience, because I know I’m buying it for others (well, except for The Used CD I bought…but whatever). I love the awesome time you can have giving presents to others, and the pleasant satisfaction of knowing you found the right present as the smile sneaks onto their face. That’s just awesome.

No, what I hate about Christmas is the actual act of shopping. It’s one thing to think up the perfect present to get someone. It’s a completely different thing to go out there and get that present. It’s especially bad at this time of year when the malls and stores are packed full of everyone doing their last-minute Christmas shopping. I’ve got to do the rest of mine all today, so I’m going to try and avoid the malls and stuff as much as possible. The busiest store I’ll go into will likely be Wal-mart, just because it’s unavoidable. You have to go to Wal-mart to do your shopping.

I still have to get some presents for my Dad, as well as a birthday card since I forgot that it was his birthday today – here I am concentrating on all the Christmas stuff I have to get and someone’s birthday is thrown in there too. How inconsiderate. But on top of that, I’d like to get some more for my mom and my sister. I already have one present for each of them, but I’d like to not look cheap this year since I have a job. I have no excuse to buy cheesy little presents. Also, Melissa and I talked for the first time in a while, and she said that she bought me a present. I was a little surprised at that, and I think she might be joking, but she told me that if I was at the mall that I should drop by SportChek and say hi, since she’s working today. So I figure when I go into Wal-mart I’ll get some cheesy little gift from the toy section or something and then drop it off for her – even if she turned out to be joking about actually getting me a present. I like being nice. It makes me feel….nice. Hah, but I mean, it’s Christmas and all, so I can afford to get a crappy present for someone I never talk to – isn’t that what Christmas is all about? You give presents to the people you hate to make them feel bad, you give presents to the people you like to get them to like you back, and you give presents to random acquaintances just because you’re on a roll from all the other people.

Today I should go up to a random stranger and give them a present. That would be cool. I’d just buy a chocolate bar or something and then walk up to someone (who’s hopefully a hot female) and just hand it to them saying, “Merry Christmas.” The only thing is, that would lead to possibly uncomfortable conversations with random strangers. Maybe I should throw it at them and then run away screaming. Yeah, that’d probably work better. I just need to make sure they’re not allergic to chocolate or something, or else it’s a waste of money. Ahh, well, this is too confusing – maybe next year. I’m running out of kindness and Christmas cheer. (Not really, but I’ll just put on “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas” by Blink 182 and it’ll all be good.)

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