Bus Rides and Hot Chocolate

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Okay, this is just getting stupid. I missed the bus again today. Today, though, was likely my fault, but whatever. I saw a bus at the mall bus stop so I went up to the front and asked the bus driver if he could let me onto that bus. He dropped me off on the street and then I crossed to wait for the other bus. I got on and said, “Thanks,” to the bus driver and then sat down. We got to the first intersection and then turned – and I realized I was on the wrong bus. It turned the opposite way, because I had gotten on the 4C instead of the 4A. Ugh. So I got off at the next nearest stop, which was by Wendy’s, and then walked home.

Today was pretty much the worst day ever to have to walk home. I mean, I’ve had to walk when it was boiling hot out, but today was freezing cold, and it was twice as bad. When I got home I looked at the thermometer and it said it was minus four degrees Celsius out there, but with the wind it was just crazy. It was blowing straight into my face for about the first 10 minutes of walking, which is not exactly fun. I’m still sniffling and It’s been over half an hour since I got home.

So I got home and read 1 Peter 1, which is the next chapter in my Bible reading, and then I went downstairs and made hot chocolate. Here I am now, sitting with the hot chocolate and typing away. I’ve got my nice, warm hoodie on as well. I think I deserve it after the feat I accomplished today, walking home in the freezing cold with no hat and pants that you can basically see through, they’re so thin (this is actually exaggeration for those ladies out there that just perked up). I swear, those school uniform pants will be the death of me – it’s what I’ve been trying to tell my teacher for years as to a reason for not tucking my shirt…ever.

I suppose that’s about all that happened to me today. Oh yeah, in Law class I got attacked by three girls that wanted to put my hair in a braid or ponytail or something. It’s never been this long before and they said it would be “fun.” Yeah right; for who? They also said it would “feel good;” I said I already felt good, and I would feel even better without three annoying, giggling girls sticking their grimy fingers in my hair. Ah well. I suppose that’s what I get for being so sexy (extreme sarcasm alert).

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