Wow…I Talk a Lot

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I just checked out my profile stats. I signed up here at on October 31st I believe – it just says October 2004. But in that time (18 days), I’ve written 22 posts. That’s 11 average posts per week (or actually, it’s only 8.8 if you want to count it as being halfway through a week by now), or 1.2 posts per day. In those 22 posts I’ve written 10,059 words not including this 23rd post. If you do the math, that works out to an average of just over 457 words per post. That’s insane. I talk way too much. I guess most of that 10,000 words would be in the entry Females – although I think this includes both of my blogs. Yeah, I think it does, which means that my story is included too – that makes up for quite a bit as well. Of course, only five (fairly short) chapters are done, so it doesn’t really account for much. But holy crap, I talk way too much.

I love it 🙂

Edit: Now that I look at it a bit closer, I notice that it lists my most recent post as being from November 7 – that means it’s over a week and a half old. That’s crazy – that means that 10,059 words doesn’t even include over a week-and-a-half’s worth of posts – including that crazy long one on Females. I should go for a record or something; I’d definitely be close. All I’d need to do is ramble on longer, which is definitely something I could do. I restrain myself right now, and look at how long they are. Imagine if I was just left in a room with a computer and a blog, with hours to kill and nothing to do. I’d write and write and write and never end. I might not even break it up into paragraphs, making it one giant block of text, barely decipherable. Your eyes would get glazed over and develop mental callouses just reading it; eventually, before you even reached the end, your eyes would blur, and you would only see masses of black text on white. Individual words would disappear and letters would be randomly mixed about in a sea of gibberish. A giant soup of Alphagetti would be discovered in black and white. And random similes and metaphors like the ones just mentioned would be mixed thoroughly throughout.

I could make this entry longer, but I won’t. I have homework to do. In fact, with the homework I already did before this (before I got sidetracked), I started rambling in that too. Rambling is just natural for me I guess. And I can feel myself starting again, so I’ll stop.

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