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So here I wait.
Waiting for an opportunity,
Waiting for a chance
To prove myself.

Here I wait
To find who I really am,
To show myself to the world,
To be myself.

Here I am,
Waiting for someone
Who will never let me down,
To find myself.

Here I stand,
Alone on a precipice,
Letting life pass by,
To heal myself.

Yeah. I’ve been pretty emo lately. Just kind of down over nothing. I really don’t even know why I’m depressed. I’ve been through stuff; mind you, not all like “my dad died when I was three and my mom is abusive and I’m in a wheelchair” and all that physical stuff. But sometimes I think the emotional and psychological stuff is worse. Because you can’t get away from that. Physical boundaries keep you in a physical prison. Your mind was meant to explore, and psychological boundaries just keep your mind in a cage. I’m trying to get out. I’ve been stuck in this mental cage for way too long, and I want to break free.

If only I knew how.

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