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I usually try to stay away from arguing with anything political, since it usually ends in fruitless debates about nothing, but I just couldn’t resist. I was reading on a forum about a British guy who’s not pleased with Bush getting re-elected. Here’s what he had to say: “It is my own bussiness since who ever is president of the US dicatates the next 4 years of how the world will be, as a country man of the US main ally I think I should say what I think about who we go to war with… Yes we do have a Prime Minister if you READ anything in my post you could see it also affects us what your stupid President decides since WE have lost lives to” – all spelling and grammar mistakes are in an effort to reproduce his post without error of misquoting. So here’s what I had to say. Boy I love arguing 🙂

“Sure. Blame the US president for the fact that you lost lives in a war your prime minister decided to join. If it’s anyone’s fault that British lives were lost, it’s either your prime minister’s fault – meaning the British voters’ faults for electing him – or it’s the British soldiers’ fault for joining the military. Obviously you take a risk of being called to war when you sign up for the military.

“Oh and by the way, before you try and burn me for being a bigoted American, I’m a Canadian. If I were an American voter, I would have voted for Bush because I believe in most (read: not all) of his policies, and that he has a higher moral standard than someone like Kerry. Yes, he has no public speaking skills, is a hillbilly who has a brother named Jeb and a dog named Barney, but at least he takes a position and stands on it. I respect that, especially when you consider all the heat he takes from ungrateful Americans for not compromising with him. They believe that he is serving his own interests, instead of taking America into a positive direction and leading them away from further moral degradation. Clearly he has a political agenda. All politicians do. The real question here is whether you are more concerned with being able to murder potential human beings who have an opportunity to contribute to the greater good of society, and also being able to marry another person of the same sex as yourself, providing your society with no benefit (i.e., no making babies, providing an unhealthy environment for any adopted kids) – in other words, concerned solely with yourself and your own selfish self-gratification – or are willing to take a look at the bigger perspective, seeing that the decisions George Bush is making are trying to help American society back onto their feet after being caught up in the mire of utter immorality and irrational, logical thinking, and that yes, he is making the best decision, and yes, sometimes you don’t get everything you want, you selfish immature brat. A responsible parent would have disciplined that out of you long ago.

“As for the war in Iraq, I still stand undecided. As I said, I don’t blindly support all of George Bush’s policies.”

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