U.S. Election Tomorrow!

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Whoop-dee-doo. This is all I’ve heard and read about for the past few months. Everywhere I go on the Internet, there’s something political. “Vote for Kerry” or “Vote for Bush” or “Reasons Why Bush Is a Moron” or “Why Kerry is a Flip-Flopper”. And the reality is that nobody really cares except Americans and people that deal with Americans. For instance, I really could care less who wins the election because it really doesn’t affect my life one bit. Although the Web is international, it seems like Americans dominate about 90% of it. And that’s sad. I can’t get away from hearing about this stupid election. I just can’t wait until tomorrow, because then hopefully people will stop talking about it.

But of course, then everyone will probably be analyzing all the results and talking about how the world is going towards death and destruction because so-and-so won. You know what? The world isn’t going anywhere. America might be a different story, but for the benefit of Americans reading this that might not have realized this, let me tell you one simple fact: The world is comprised of more than America. Shocking, yes, I know, but true. Perhaps your overbloated collective ego won’t let you see that, but the world is even more than just America, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Now I’m not saying that all Americans are egotistical and self-absorbed; I know many Americans that are just quite the opposite. But together, the whole collective American ego is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Case in point: After all those successive hurricanes in the summer, what part of the world did we hear the most about? Florida, of course. Did the countries of Haiti or Grenada make front-page news? Of course not, ’cause nobody cares about them – America’s what it’s all about, even though Florida didn’t get hit half as hard as some of those other Caribbean countries did.

So, with that said, happy election tomorrow, may the best man win, and please shut up about it already…

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