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Today is Sunday. That means my day is significantly different than many other people’s day. Today I drove to the church for 8 (although that’s unusual for me, it’s usually later) for band practice. I’ve recently been asked to play bass guitar in the Sunday morning service, so I’ve done that last week and this week. That’s pretty fun; I mean, it’s not hard to play bass at all or learn the songs, so I don’t mind putting in a little extra time.

Anyways, the person playing piano, Christine, didn’t know most of the songs since that was the only practice we had, so she spent about an hour and a half getting it right. She did not too badly in the service considering how little time she had, but there were still a few obvious mistakes. Some of those weren’t her fault, because Pastor Al, who was leading worship, likes to switch things around in the song and suddenly sing the verse twice for no apparent reason or whatever. Anyways, the service still went not too badly, so that was awesome.

I came home and ate lunch with my sister at the table, which was definitely out of the ordinary. I can’t wait until she goes back to her dorm in Toronto; she’s leaving today. I almost had to come with them except that I’m working this afternoon from 3-7:15. That also screwed everything up though, because my parents forgot I was working and were going to take the car – but now they have to drop me off at work before they go. I’m still probably going to be there about half an hour early, but I don’t mind.

Work should be interesting. I’m still being trained as a supervisor. I surprised myself when I suddenly realized I wanted to go to work; I’m so excited about being promoted, and although I’m nervous about screwing up on my first close, it should be awesome all the same. Today should be a good day to learn about all my new duties though, because usually Sundays aren’t all that busy, so Kim will have lots of time to teach me all I have to know.

One other thing I heard about yesterday was what the girls from my school were talking about on the way back home from the floor hockey tournament. Bethany said they were discussing who they would most like to go out with out of the guys at the school if they had to choose one. Apparently I was the number one choice. It didn’t really go to my head though – there’s not much choice at my school, with I think 10 guys in total. It’s either me or Mr. John “ADD” Dentin, for which all the girls would rather commit suicide than have to go out with him. I just thought that was kind of funny – Bethany was trying to compliment me, when she really didn’t say much at all. I ended up dissing myself because I’m like, “Yeah, well it’s not like there’s much selection or anything.” Meh.

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