Summary of My Halloween Night

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Alright, I decided to post a nice little summary of my Halloween night. Actually, I’m typing this at about 9:00 PM on Halloween night, but whatever. I’ll just save it and then publish it tomorrow so I don’t get arrested by the Overblogging Police, whom I just made up in my head. Whatever. Anyways, my day went as follows.

First I woke up. I had, like every other year, forgotten to set my clock back an hour for the end of Daylight Savings Time, but oh well. My mom just yelled at me to get up, it’s not like I had my alarm set or anything. I hate when that happens though – you wake up to your alarm, and then you realize you still have an extra hour to sleep. Ugh.

Anyways, so I went downstairs and had some breakfast with my family as we always do on Sunday mornings. It’s a little different now that my sister is away at university (she’s 20 by the way), but whatever. I don’t really miss her, I’ve lived with her annoying habits for 17 years, lol. So then, after breakfast, getting ready, and blogging here, I went to church like I do every Sunday morning. Yes, I’m one of those church-going folk, more because it’s just expected of me by my parents than anything, but unlike most people my age, I enjoy challenging my thinking. I’m not sure exactly what I believe sometimes, but church gives me one side of the story. I get the other side all the rest of the time, so it works out pretty well.

But okay, I keep getting off-track. (If you haven’t noticed by my first few blogs, I have a tendency to do that – a lot.) So I had lunch, went downstairs and basically worked on homework. After that was finished, I worked on this blog most of the afternoon. Made the logo that you see up top there, that took me a couple of hours to just get all those pictures and combine them together in Photoshop. But yeah. I basically stayed down in my basement all afternoon and evening, just to kind of tune myself out from those obnoxiously annoying kids yelling “Trick or treat!” at the door all night. I don’t care much for Halloween. It’s just a day to get lots of candy. I don’t go out for candy anymore but I take some from the candy bowl at our house before the kiddies come and get it from us. So basically I was snacking all night. Yum!

Then I went up for supper, had some nice hot and spicy chicken wings – actually they were only medium, which sucks, but oh well. Can’t have everything, I suppose. But yeah. I ate a lot today. I’m not that big of a guy, usually whatever I eat just goes right through me; I must have a hyperactive metabolism or something. But yeah, I swear I must have gained about 10 pounds today with all the food I ate. Of course, I’ll just lose that weight all tomorrow plus about another 10 pounds, but whatever! As long as I don’t look like a human skeleton with skin, it’s alright, right?

Okay so I’m exaggerating a little bit. I’m going to have to find a picture of myself somewhere around here. I know my dad has a digital camera, but I sure don’t know where he keeps it. He could have thrown it out for all I know (don’t everyone go rushing to my garbage can at once). I don’t really like pictures. I hate my acne. Like, I guess I don’t mind pictures that people take where I’m not expecting it, cause then I have an excuse to look bad, but I just had school pictures taken and they were gross. And there’s really no excuse for those, ’cause you have all day to get ready and look good and everything, and they try and make sure you look perfect and are sitting in the perfect position and everything. But they still looked bad. So that kind of sucks. I looked at them, said “Oh my,” and shoved them back in the envelope. And I’m not usually all that big about what I look like; as long as I don’t look like I just woke up on the streets of downtown New York, I figure I look good enough.

Soooo, if there are any girls out there reading this, just to let you know, I’m 17 and I have a sexy brown shag, I’m about half punk-lookin’ and half just….normal. Don’t know what else to say; I’m obviously funny, obviously sexy, and obviously just who you want. Too bad you can’t have me. TOO BAD! Hah meh. I don’t really know why I said all that, ’cause girls don’t like me for what I look like anyways, they like me ’cause I’m just….crazy. About everything. At all times. Well, except at funerals. Especially my own, that seems to always get me down. One of these days I think I’m just going to skip out on my funeral.

I tend to ramble. I’ve completely gone off-topic. I was talking about Halloween and I started talking about me. I guess that’s cause I really don’t care about Halloween; I care about myself. But yeah, I’ll probably ramble less once school gets going again tomorrow (or actually, today since I’ll be posting this tomorrow), ’cause I’ll have more to talk about, so I can jump around from topic to topic and still stay relatively on-topic. Did that make sense? Didn’t think so.

Alright. I’m done. I will restrain myself from going on further. So, see you all tomorrow. Oh and by the way, ladies, I’m single 😉


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