Small School Kid on the Big School Bus

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Okay, that’s a really ghey title. Meh. Today we had floor hockey practice at Bethel Church or whatever it’s called. Our tournament is on Friday, and this was our first practice; we only have one tomorrow, for a grand total of two practices. Good ol’ Mr. G never fails to make us look horrible every year.

Anyways, the reason we were there was because the church we have school in doesn’t have a gym, which is always helpful for floor hockey. So we went to Bethel. The gym is about half the size of a regular gym, which is the size that we’ll be playing on for the tournament, so basically it’s nothing like how we’ll be playing. Oh well. I think our team won.

But yeah, so Bethel Church happens to be right beside North Park Collegiate, a high school with, well, a lot more people in it than in ours. Afterwards I took the city bus home since the bus stop is closeby, and I usually take the bus home anyways (although it’s a different bus, obviously coming from a different place since I normally catch it outside my school). So I walk outside and wait by the bus stop (in the rain and wind) and then a few minutes later this whole pack of kids crosses the street and basically shoves me off the sidewalk, slowly. I was standing on the sidewalk when I first started waiting. When the bus came, I was on the grass behind the sidewalk, because all these people stopped in front of me, and then kept backing up so their bags shoved in my face – not on purpose of course, but it was annoying.

So anyways, the bus came and picked us all up, and I was the last one to get on, just because everyone just followed their friends on, and not knowing anyone in the pack, I was last. I could really care less. But I got on and had to stand up ’cause all the seats were taken. It was crazy, there were like five people standing up, and then the bus went down to the next stop and picked up like ten more people, who also had to stand up. Later on as people got off, I got a seat, but since I was nice, I offered the other seat of the two attached seats to someone else standing up. I mean, some of the guys I was standing beside were only sitting on one of the seats and just had their bag on the other seat. That really bugged me, because that was kind of rude. Then again, that’s their problem, not mine. So I got off with this chick that had been eyeing me; I think she takes the bus in the morning and waits at the stop outside my house, so I’ve seen her before as I leave for school. So I think she recognized me.

Anyways, that was like the highlight of the day, since the day was overall pretty boring. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until then, so that’s why I’m blabbing on about it now. I was actually looking for someone I knew (like Katie, heh), just to embarrass them, because I like doing that 🙂 I remembered that Katie had told me she might have to take the bus this year, so I was keeping an eye out especially for her since she doesn’t really like me very much and therefore it would be especially great to annoy her, since that’s really what I live to do – annoy people. I think she could care less whether I exist or not, and reminding her of the fact that I still do would only aggravate her; wow, that gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it. Haha, I’d probably go up and yell “KATIE!” and then give her a big hug, while she tried to pretend she didn’t know me. Haha, that’d just make my day.

Anyways, I found out she doesn’t go on the bus from one of her friends, so that was a bummer, but oh well! Maybe I’ll yet see someone I know since we’re going back to Bethel tomorrow. And if not, I’ll get another day to have fun staring at people on the bus until they realize I am and get all freaked out! Yay!

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