School. Blech.

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Well, another day of school. Ugh. It’s so boring. School really, really sucks this year. Like, of course school always sucks, but this year is worse. We have Grade 12 Calculus, 12 Accounting, 12 Biology, and 11 World Religions, as well as 12 Law, 11 Parenting, 12 English, and 12 Phys. Ed. It’s awful. Accounting, World Religions, Parenting, English, and Phys. Ed. are taught by the same teacher, this bald guy that bugs me all the time with his overdramatic speeches and lectures about nothing of significance that are way off-topic anyways. Biology is by this annoying teacher that can’t seem to explain anything even though she knows it, and then she either spends half the class trying to explain it to us or just expects us to know it. Ugh.

Law is just law. There’s not much you can say about that. The teacher’s pretty cool, I like him, but the subject has to be the worst subject ever. Parenting is just crap. There’s no real set “curriculum” as it’s all just about aspects of parenting, and how to be a better person in order to be a better parent. CRAP. In all, I can only stand Calculus, Accounting, and Phys. Ed. Hmm, well let me put them in order of best to worst. It’d probably have to go like this: Phys. Ed., Accounting, Calculus, Biology, World Religions, English, then last and definitely least, Parenting.

That’s about it. School sucks.

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