My Day

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Well, I don’t have much time to write this but I decided to squeeze it in. Today I had a crappy day at school, including a never-ending Biology class and a Parenting test that I didn’t bother studying for at all. It wasn’t the test that was annoying, it was all the other people around me studying that made me feel guilty or something. Anyways, now that I’m here at home, I’m deciding what homework to do and what to just forget about. I’ve got a stupid English thing for Shakespeare which I’ve already done, and I have a project in Law that I should probably do since I have to present it to the class tomorrow. I also have a couple other things, but I decided to prioritize and just do them tomorrow or something.

I guess the real reason I’m prioritizing is that I’m going to go to the church and play bass with Jordan and Kyle tonight. Heh. I think that’s much more important than homework.

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