Horrible Thought

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I just had a disgusting, perverted thought. Wouldn’t it suck if high schools offered the same sort of stuff that universities/colleges did, like where you could go back and get an extra course? Like, I know that people can go back and take courses to get their diploma, but like, my mom is going to Mohawk college for a computer course right now. Wouldn’t it suck if high schools did the same thing? And then you’re walking through the hallways at school and see your mom walking down with all these teenagers? Or your mom starts freaking out and tidying up your locker? Or she goes ballistic because she sees you smoking pot with your friends or something?

Haha, oh man, what a bad thought. Of course, I don’t go to a big high school, but then again I guess it’d be even worse if my high school offered other courses. Then I’d see my mom every minute of every day. Scary…

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