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Haha OH MY. I have the greatest story that happened tonight. As I think I’ve mentioned, I work at Quizno’s. And tonight it was just me and a guy named Elliott (who’s one of the night-time supervisors) working; also it’s important to note that no matter what day or what time it is, if it’s just me and Elliott working, it for some reason seems to always be busy that night. I really don’t know why, but that’s what always happens.

Anyways, so there’s tons of stuff that always needs to be done near closing time, and I was busy washing dishes and I look up at the clock and it reads 8:50 (the store closes at 9:00 on Tuesdays). So suddenly I’m like, “Oh my gosh, we still have tons of stuff to do, this is crazy.” I then started to frantically try to get everything done. I’m like rushing to fill up the food bins, fill the spice containers, wash all the trays, wipe down the boards, put lids on all the food, wrap the bread, etc. I look over and notice Elliott, who’s just kind of whistling and slowly sweeping and doing all the stuff he needs to do just quite leisurely. So I’m thinking to myself, “Grr, he’s wasting my time,” and I’m wondering why he doesn’t care about the time since he’s usually the one rushing around to get stuff done on time.

So after he finally finishes sweeping, I start getting out the mop – the time on the clock is now reading about 9:25. So he’s like, “Um, what are you doing? It’s only 8:30, you’re not supposed to mop until the store closes.” I look at him disgustedly and I’m like, “No, it’s 9:30.” He just kind of stares at me and he’s like, “Huh? Are you serious?” I’m like, “Yeah, look at the clock!” So he looks up at the clock and stares at it confused, then goes up to the front to look at the clock time on the computer. He calls back to me, “No, actually it’s 8:30.”

By this time I’m pretty confused. Normally those clocks are both about 5 minutes off, but they’re synchronized with each other. So how come the clock on the wall is an hour ahead of the computer clock? That just didn’t make any sense to me. Then it hit me: Daylight Savings Time.

So here I was, rushing around doing all this crap that I didn’t even have to do, all because I thought I was already half an hour late getting out. Here I was, getting mad at Elliott because he didn’t care about getting out on time and was making me late. And here he was, not knowing why the heck I was running around like a maniac doing everything. Haha, so after that we had quite a good laugh, I changed the clock to avoid any more confusion, and we just had a jolly good time spending the next hour doing the little that was left to close the store. It was the quickest close I’ve ever done, lol.

So I guess the moral of the story is: Ban Daylight Savings Time. It’s useless and causes sore feet. Haha, I’m still friggin’ laughing over that. Such a great night….

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hahahaahahahahahahhahahahahaha, that story made my day, but please don’t ban day light savings, it allows me to get an extra hour of sleep, kthanx. Today at the library i got to do a scavenger hunt with the kid i help with reading, and he ran around the library, and I said “adult magazines” and burst out laughing, oman I have the mind of an adolescent boy. That is my story. NIGHT!



Haha teaching ’em early eh? Lol I’d like to hear what his parents are gonna hear from the kid when he goes home 😀

And the thing about Daylight Savings is that you lose an hour in the spring and gain an hour in the fall, so I mean, it all works out to the same amount of sleep unfortunately. And the spring part sucks 🙁