Deck The Halls!

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Woo! Okay, this is going to be awesome. I got asked to be on the Santa Claus parade float. It’s not really that amazing since the parade isn’t that huge or anything, but still – it’s going to be awesome. I’m playing bass in a band for my church. It’s going to be my cousin Jordan and Lawrence on guitar, myself on bass, and Kyle on drums. We’re going to be playing Relient K Christmas songs or something; basically Christmas carols with power chords. Apparently our church is going to have like a 40-foot float or something, which will be pretty crazy, but awesome. Hah, apparently all four of us are going to be singing as well though, so that should be, um, interesting. I don’t think any of us are all that great at singing. Oh well, we’ll just drown ourselves out with guitar. I’m going to be using this huge, ginormous amp just for my bass, so that’ll be pretty sweet. So any of you that show up for the parade, if you just hear skull-crushing, floor-pounding bass and the ground starts to rumble beneath your feet, you know our float is coming 🙂

Now everyone get up and deck the frickin’ halls! WOO!

2 responses to “Deck The Halls!”


omg that is awesome!! I love christmas soooooooo much. I want it to be december NOW. I am so going to the christmas parade this year, I will see you! I will be the one singing christmas carols and fighting kids for candy canes 😛 MERRY CHRISTMAS! hahah



Haha well when you see this huge float with loud Christmas music being played and some rollerbladers or something (I think we have a hockey team that’s going to be rollerblading behind us), just yell and scream my name out really loud and maybe I’ll hear you and wave 🙂 I’ll be the weird one with the black bass with a red strap!