Crappy Music and Headaches

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Alright, enough sad entries for today, and enough thinking entries. I get like that if left alone to my own thoughts. But music usually cheers me up, such as right now.

Have you ever turned on the worst music ever and just started rocking to it as if it’s amazing? I just did that. My cousin and I always make fun of Simple Plan. So what did I do? Oh yeah, you guessed it, Simple Plan rules!* I cranked up that sucker and started bobbing my head to the music like there was no tomorrow; because, as we all know, there very well might not be for any one of us. I still don’t know why it was Simple Plan; after all, I doubt if I died tonight, that wouldn’t be what I wanted to have heard last. But whatever! I’m still around. But I still gave myself a headache from shaking my head so hard. MEH!

And I know you’re now saying to yourself, “Oh boy, what other possibly more exciting adventures could Jeff have?” Well never fear, Good Charlotte is next!**

*Not really. I’m being sarcastic.
**I really don’t condone the listening of this music. Or Simple Plan, either for that matter. It has a tendency to turn your brain into mush and guys into pansies. Listener’s discretion is advised.

One response to “Crappy Music and Headaches”


jeff, it seems as though ever even hearing the names of these bands you turned into a homosexual instantly. seriously go listen to some alanis morrisette and hope to one day be as cool as she is.

GOOD CHARLOTTE 4 LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!