Crappy Day

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I don’t even know what to say here. Sometimes little things can add up and become something stronger, where on their own they would just be ignored. I guess that was today.

It all started by waking up at 6:30 AM to finish my Law project on Gandhi. I mean, that was my fault, and I was the one that set my alarm that early, but it was still a real pain getting up that early, especially since I hadn’t had a very restful sleep. Then again, that’s nothing new. In the past few weeks, it’s been mostly about 2 or 3 nights a week where I actually get deep, consistent, restful sleep. But then again, I usually have half an hour longer of that sleep, no matter how restless it is – something which was stolen by my Law project this morning.

Anyways, I finally finished it off. I usually leave my house by about 8:00 because my parents have to get to work so I get a ride then, usually leaving some of my homework for the morning since I have nothing better to do once I get to school anyway. Today we left at about 8:10 because I was making the last adjustments to my project – footnotes and page numbers, stuff like that. I got to school, and later when Bethany walked in, she told the teacher/principal that Jordan would be coming in at lunch. I immediately thought that he was using it as an excuse to get his project done; however, Bethany said he was sleeping. She also told me that he was done last night anyways, but I knew that wasn’t true because he had told me before we left to go play guitar that he had barely started it. She then said that he had gone to bed right when he got home, which was at about 11:00 – so he couldn’t have done it then. So I still figure the sleeping in was just a way to get his project done.

Anyways, since I didn’t take the time to pack a lunch, I went to Tim Horton’s for lunch (the only real place to get food within walking distance). That was good, but it wasn’t really enough, and I felt sick afterwards. Being hungry and sick at the same time sucks. On top of that, I had (and still have) a headache that started when I woke up and still hasn’t gone away. The sore throat didn’t help either.

So anyways, after lunch we had Law class, and we ended up only getting two presentations done anyways. I could have just not worried about my handout after all and not lost any marks. I was kind of frustrated about that, but I couldn’t really complain to the teacher considering I had gone out last night even with almost the entire project left to do. So yeah. Then we had World Religions – oh yeah. Jordan didn’t show up after lunch after all, and we were together in another smaller project on a Hindu deity Vishnu. So we had a work period for that today, in which I did basically all the work writing down notes from books and stuff. I also was the one that got those books from the library, and I was also the one there when the gods and partners were picked out of a hat. I explained to him the next day what he and I were doing. But now that I’ve basically got all the information, I really don’t need his help, since his help isn’t there anyways. The crappy thing is that I’m going to have to share my work with him and he’ll get the same mark I do for doing nothing, while I will have done all the work. For all I know, he may not even be there to present it to the class, in which case I’ll have to do that all on my own too.

I guess that thing with Jordan was the biggest damper on my day. I sat there in my desk writing notes while everyone else had at least one person to talk to. I sat there getting more and more frustrated because I’m doing the equivalent of what two people are supposed to be doing. So I guess that’s why I’m venting right now. He has no concept of responsibility or accepting consequences for his actions. I consciously chose to go out last night instead of doing my project; that was probably a bad choice, but at least I stood up for it. I didn’t get some of my other homework done as well, and I still accepted that consequence. He didn’t even show up for work; he’ll just say he was sick and the teacher most likely won’t mark it as being late. Meanwhile the people that actually stood up for what they did will be marked down. Hmm. Doesn’t seem fair to me. But I guess at least I have a backbone; that’s one thing in my favour.

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