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I hate categories. I’ve always been against them. But at the same time, it’s impossible to get away from them. I guess I tend to categorize people, and I hate doing that at the same time. But I’ve always been a strong proponent of getting to know each person’s individual personality and making generalizations from that. I guess maybe it’s not that categories are entirely bad in themselves, but rather that one can be tempted to over-generalize without examining who they’re including in each group closely enough. I guess carefully and logically choosing your categories is the best solution to the problem. Anyways, I guess I’m so against categories because I just can’t seem to fit myself into one specific aspect of life.

The reason I mention this is because sometimes I like to search the Internet and find some of these stupid personality tests. It’s not like I actually use this to determine who I am; I’m not that naive. However, I have a great interest in psychology. I could care less what the personality test defines me as; whether it determines that I’m peach pie or the colour green doesn’t matter. No, I take these tests to examine why I choose what I choose for each question. Why did I sit there reading and re-reading the question before choosing an answer? And why did I choose that choice instead of the other one? And what does that say about who I think I am? Call me crazy, but this is what I do, subconsciously mostly. But the more I examine my choices reveals how spread out I really am.

I hate having to choose. It says “choose the one that best fits”, but as I sit there examining the choices, I know that depending on the mood I’m in, what’s happened that day, etc., I could choose something entirely different. Some days I’m a completely different person; not just being happy or sad, but my entire thought processes are different; I think differently, I act differently, I am different. So depending on the day’s events, I could get entirely different results from the test. The test only reflects a small fraction of who I am. This leaves me at an utter loss of the knowledge of who I really am.

So who am I? I am both extroverted and introverted at times; I am sometimes optimistic, sometimes pessimistic; sometimes I can’t live without my friends, other times I could care less whether I have friends or not. And the worst thing is I’m not female; I can’t even blame this on PMS! So who am I? Don’t ask me, I sure don’t know…

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I really don’t like categories, but I will put me in the category “punk rock” with my studded bracelets, belt, and snowpants. HAHA I have none, but soon enough. Those personality tests are very fun to do, they are very funny sometimes to see the results, and clearly are always right. Like the one that said I was a boy because I like action movies and comedies better than romance, now that is scientifically sound. Well I am off, and yes there are people called the blog police that will arrest you if you make more than twenty six entries in one day, cuz let’s face it, twenty six is a bit much, more than one entry an hour, can I say GET A LIFE! haha kidding, anyways I am off.

your stalker,


Haha, yaaay Danielle! You’re a crazy one…But non-crazy people are boring, so be proud of it! Lol, I’ll just have to make sure to make 26 entries someday just to prove to the world that, yeah, I really have no life at all heh.