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I’m bored. I’ve had two P.A. days Thursday and Friday, plus my weekend. Unfortunately with the P.A. days, if I want to hang out with anyone, it has to be a choice from the 21 other people at my school – most of which I either can’t stand or just put up with. Plus I haven’t been feeling too social lately, although I’m not quite sure why. So I guess there hasn’t been much to talk about here. That, I suppose, would be why I started talking about politics and teen social trends – very intellectual if you ask me. I guess that’s what I do when I have nothing else to do – I think. Scary, isn’t it?

I’m not quite sure why I just don’t feel like hanging out with anyone. It’s wierd ’cause it happens every so often for seemingly no reason. That really bugs me, because the human mind fascinates me – that would be why I want to be a psychologist when I get older. But when I do something and I don’t know why, it bugs me so much because I want to at least have a reason for it. So I’m just sitting here listening to music, trying to figure it out. I’m not really trying that hard, but whatever. It’ll probably come to me eventually.

Anyways, Katie visited my blog. Hah somehow I knew it was her from her writing in her comments. STUPID KID! Lol just kidding. I’m just jealous ’cause she’s cooler than I am 🙂 No wait, wait. Nobody’s cooler than I am, because I smoke *COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGH* *hork* *spit* Yeah. I’m friggin’ cool.

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