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This is horrible! What could I have ever done to deserve this? My entire life is ruined! Nnnnooooo!!!

Yes, my sister’s back home from university. Scary thought, I know, but I’m going to take it like a man and…hide in my basement. Seriously though, Bethany, her, and myself went out to go Christmas shopping (I hate shopping, but it needs to be done sometime I suppose). My sister drives ssssooooo slow. And we stopped off at Tim Horton’s and Dollarama, and afterwards I drove to the mall and she was criticizing everything I did. “You’re going too fast, slow down.” “Stop following the car that closely.” “Watch for pedestrians in the parking lot here.” Just for the record, I have driven more than my sister has. I also have driven more in the Taurus than she has, so I know how big the car is, etc. She parked at Tim Horton’s – crooked. I reparked it the right way, and I also parked it perfectly in the mall parking lot – the first time. And she’s criticizing my driving skills?

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