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Living Sacrifice – Ignite

I really have nothing to talk about. At all. The last two days have been horribly boring and bland. I mean, not much really happens in my life to begin with, but this has even been below that level. Summer’s so great because you can hang out with people the entire week without school and homework even crossing your mind or getting in the way.

Anyways, I won’t start rambling about the universe or anything, but I’ll post some lyrics to another song I like. I hate songs with no meaning behind them, but then again there are always those songs which only have meaning to the writer of them.

Flicker insideI’ve seen the end, my friendCannot continue in this lifeAbide in the promises toldAbide in the promises provenAbide in the promises told, abide in

Fan the spark of hopeAll is not lost hereI saw the outcome once beforeSo distant, it seems so long ago, He’s still aliveIntercession so strongFan the flame, so close nowAwaken the strength internal

Write it down, make it plainI saw the end once beforeYou were there with your heart in your hand outstretched

Shedding this darknessWith every glance to the skyThe fire is revealing these walls, heart twisting, turningFaithful, sleepless, faithfulBut now I can feelBut now I can taste the air of freedomRipping through, moving wallsRipping down this structureThe air of freedom ripping through me

This song is by Living Sacrifice, a Christian heavy metal band that I found a few years ago. This song…Continue Reading


I figure since nothing exciting happened today at all, I might as well talk about something else to continue my streak of daily blogging.

Something that really bugs me sometimes is pride. I mean, I know I have it a lot, and that’s probably the biggest reason why it bugs me (I bug myself – seriously), but a lot of times my pride is just fooling around. I really don’t have a high opinion of myself at all – it’s probably actually on the low side. Of course, I can’t let that show, so I make all sorts of jokes about how I’m so great, which may give the impression that I have pride, but it’s really almost all jokes.

But anyways, if you think about it, why is anyone proud of themselves? I got thinking about this today in one of my classes; I’m really not sure which one it was, I really wasn’t listening at all during any of them. I started letting my mind wander, and I realized just how insignificant we as humans really are.

Have you ever played with one of those toy things where it’s like this fat person, and you can split it up horizontally, open it, and there’s one exactly like it inside, only smaller? Then you open that one up, and there’s a smaller one inside that, etc. Think of the universe as one of those things. Yes, the entire universe is like a fat person. Then, when you split it…Continue Reading

Well That Didn’t Go Exactly As Planned…

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Work tonight didn’t go as expected. Normally, Sundays are the least busy day of the week. Tonight was definitely the exception. Elliott and Kyle (the people that worked before Kim and I) must not have done anything at all either, because we had so much stuff left over that they were supposed to do. Either Kyle didn’t cut any bread, or it was just not marked down. Dressings weren’t filled and dishes were still left over. Add that all on top of a steady stream of customers – definitely unusual for a Sunday – and you have tonight, with Kim and myself working our butts off to get everything done.

Basically, here’s how it went. I handled almost all the customers from start to finish (from making the sub, to catching it at the other end, to ringing in the purchase), while Kim did everything else that needed to be done. In one sense I did get a lot of training as supervisor, because I rang in probably about 95% of the purchases during the evening. Unfortunately, I was also expecting to be taught how to count and separate the money at the end of the night, as well as get a refresher on how to shut down the computer. I didn’t really get that because I was finishing up everything else as Kim was counting cash. Anyways, we were only about 20 minutes late, which wasn’t too bad considering all we had to do. Of course, we left a…Continue Reading

Today’s News

Today is Sunday. That means my day is significantly different than many other people’s day. Today I drove to the church for 8 (although that’s unusual for me, it’s usually later) for band practice. I’ve recently been asked to play bass guitar in the Sunday morning service, so I’ve done that last week and this week. That’s pretty fun; I mean, it’s not hard to play bass at all or learn the songs, so I don’t mind putting in a little extra time.

Anyways, the person playing piano, Christine, didn’t know most of the songs since that was the only practice we had, so she spent about an hour and a half getting it right. She did not too badly in the service considering how little time she had, but there were still a few obvious mistakes. Some of those weren’t her fault, because Pastor Al, who was leading worship, likes to switch things around in the song and suddenly sing the verse twice for no apparent reason or whatever. Anyways, the service still went not too badly, so that was awesome.

I came home and ate lunch with my sister at the table, which was definitely out of the ordinary. I can’t wait until she goes back to her dorm in Toronto; she’s leaving today. I almost had to come with them except that I’m working this afternoon from 3-7:15. That also screwed everything up though, because my parents forgot I was working and were going to take the…Continue Reading


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This is horrible! What could I have ever done to deserve this? My entire life is ruined! Nnnnooooo!!!

Yes, my sister’s back home from university. Scary thought, I know, but I’m going to take it like a man and…hide in my basement. Seriously though, Bethany, her, and myself went out to go Christmas shopping (I hate shopping, but it needs to be done sometime I suppose). My sister drives ssssooooo slow. And we stopped off at Tim Horton’s and Dollarama, and afterwards I drove to the mall and she was criticizing everything I did. “You’re going too fast, slow down.” “Stop following the car that closely.” “Watch for pedestrians in the parking lot here.” Just for the record, I have driven more than my sister has. I also have driven more in the Taurus than she has, so I know how big the car is, etc. She parked at Tim Horton’s – crooked. I reparked it the right way, and I also parked it perfectly in the mall parking lot – the first time. And she’s criticizing my driving skills?…


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Wow. Quizno’s is going downhill. Paul (the boss) called me to the back yesterday and asked me if I would like to be trained as a closer. That means I would be a night-time supervisor and be in charge of cash, closing the store, etc. I said yes of course (it means a raise in pay too), and last night Kim was sort of showing me what to do a little bit with the cash register. I think I’ll get the hang of it, but debit is confusing. Haha, all I can say though is that I’m kind of freaked out when I think of myself in charge of a store for the night. Lol, if I had to work under me, I’d probably quit. Okay, so I’m not that bad, but still – I’m going to be nervous and rushed when I have my first close alone. Of course, that won’t be for a week or two, but still.

Anyways, so after that exciting news, there was more excitement yet to come from work. Some loser clogged up the men’s toilet with toilet paper and so there was a huge flood all over the floor in the men’s bathroom, ladies’ bathroom, and out onto the main floor, right down to where the people order the subs. Fortunately it was all clean water, but still – it’s toilet water. I spent the next half hour cleaning up toilet water. And there was a ton of it. I filled up two…Continue Reading

Online Snowball Fight?

Apparently I just got hit with an online snowball. These emails are the most pathetic things on the face of the earth, next to all the other stupid forwards out there. So apparently it’s a big war and you have to send it to everyone you can before they send it to you because you can’t hit someone who already hit you.

So I deleted it.…