Familiar Essay

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Alright, bear with me here; ever notice that when you get something new you obsess over it for the first little while? This is the third entry today; I guess I’m just a naturally long-winded person. Well, actually, it’s more that I have so many random thoughts in my head during the day, that it’s hard to just get half of them down in writing – er, typing. So here goes another nice little entry.

I’ve got a familiar/informal essay coming up for English and I have to come up with a good topic. The problem is I have so many opinions on everything that it’s hard to just choose one. Here’s a few just off the top of my head:

  • Useful Etiquette When Dealing With Me
  • Women: Who Needs Them?
  • Blondes: Enough Said
  • Why Pizza Is the Best Food
  • Why Giraffes Are Hazardous Housepets
  • My Father Doesn’t Appreciate Good Music
  • Interpreting Thick-Accented People
  • Schizophrenia: A Co-Authored Essay
  • My Life As…[insert anything here]
  • Why Brussel Sprouts Are Evil
  • Pens or Pencils: The Great Debate

There’s just a few. I could go on for hours, just thinking up anything that comes into my head. And it doesn’t really matter which one I choose; my teacher doesn’t care, and I could write a whole book on any of those topics. Whether that book would actually sell would be a different matter entirely, but I could at least write it. The problem is, I know I’m going to pick one, start writing my essay, and then change my mind half-way through. And that’s a no-no. I’m supposed to hand in my topic and thesis tomorrow, and then come up with an outline of arguments soon after, so I can’t really go about changing my mind the night before the final draft is due. Perhaps I should write about the “Illogistics of Writing Essays” or some such topic. I’m sure my teacher would enjoy that; I critique everything he says already anyways.

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